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6 years later, investigation continues into Concord Sun Drop killings


Leads continue to come in to investigators at the Concord Police Department, but it's been six years since a man walked into the Sun Drop Bottling facility and killed two people during a robbery, and no one has been charged for the crimes.

Concord Police Chief Guy Smith told WBTV that the case is not a cold case, and that every week investigators are going over new leads, or revisiting the leads and evidence they've collected over time.

"This is not a cold case, this is an investigation that currently is going on with some of the same investigators that were in it from day one," Smith told WBTV. "We want to solve this case and we want to solve it soon."

Darrell Noles, who had stopped by the office to pick up an application, and longtime receptionist Donna Barnhardt were shot and killed.  The killer walked out of the front door and was picked up by someone away from the plant, according to police.

A reward of $85,000, a feature story on the "America's Most Wanted" television show, even sponsorship of a race car have been used to try and find the killer.

Workers at Sun Drop say that not a day goes by that they don't think about the tragedy that struck six years ago.

"We haven't given up, we're still hanging in there," said John King, the head of Sun Drop in Concord. "We just want you to keep reminding people that there is a reward, and I still think it will be resolved."

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