"Laptop Deployment" for teachers made for a busy Friday

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Friday was a busy day for teachers and staff in Rowan-Salisbury schools as the massive "laptop deployment" event took place.

Teachers began arriving at the warehouse on Long Street at 7:45 am.

More than 75 staff volunteers helped with the deployment of the new MacBook Airs.

Buses ran at scheduled times throughout the day bringing teachers for each school site to receive their laptops.

They are receiving the laptops prior to the next school year so they can become comfortable with them over the summer, according to RSS Spokeswoman Rita Foil.

"As you know, we are implementing a district-wide 1:1 – every student and teacher will have a iPad or laptop by next Spring - 3rd–12th grades," Foil told WBTV.  "Our Technology Plan was unanimously approved by the Board of Commissioners last week.  We are very excited about going 1:1 with so much support and enthusiasm."

Andrew Smith, Director of Innovative Technology, is coordinating this event.