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Is Uber the future of city transportation?


A new and unique concept in transpiration is all over the streets of Charlotte. But, are digital dispatch services like Uber and Lyft the future of getting around the city?
Charlotte resident Jack Miller thinks so.
"I can just request them where ever I'm at. It gives you a little map and it says the closest Uber is 'X' minutes away," Miller said.


When Miller wants to get from point A to point B, he believes convenience is key.
"I don't have to worry about doing a Google search on my iPhone for a cab company and waiting on a cab company," he said.
However, Diamond Cab co-owner Obaid Kahn says people should think twice before using these services. He says, unlike his company, they're not regulated.
"Everyone knows when you get in a vehicle that anything can happen at any time, but it's all about being covered with your insurance," Kahn said.
Khan told WBTV that his cab drivers have coverage digital dispatchers don't.
"Those guys aren't backed up by the insurance taxi companies are backed up by. Every car has 1.5 million dollar coverage," Kahn said.
So, WBTV tried it out for ourselves. Our driver, Dan, arrived in about five minutes. He's been an Uber driver for about a month.
"I love driving and why not get some extra money while you can?" Dan said.
Dan said it took Uber about a week and a half to check his background and driving record before he was hired.
"We have to get through the background check and provide our drivers license and our insurance," Dan said.
But unlike cab drivers, Dan doesn't have to pay the City of Charlotte any fees.
"If you're providing a good service, there should be no reason why it should be regulated, if people feel comfortable," Dan said.
WBTV reached out to the city to find out if they plan to regulate companies like Uber and Lyft anytime soon. They said they've been talking to these companies about the issue.
But while they talk, Kahn says his business is taking a hit.
"Uber and Lyft - they're going to take over the streets of Charlotte," Kahn said.
An Uber representative told us their background check is often more rigorous than many cab companies. They also have an extensive insurance policy that covers accidents up to one million dollars.
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