School lockdowns on Wednesday? Sheriff looking for culprit

The last day of school for students in Rowan-Salisbury Schools was not as calm as parents, students, and school leaders had hoped in some parts of the county.

Schools in the northern part of the county were on lockdown due to a police investigation in Spencer, but in other parts of the county the lockdown were caused by threats, and now deputies need help finding the culprit.

On Wednesday, a man called Morgan Elementary School, located on Liberty Rd., in Rowan County, and made a threat that he was coming to the school at 12 or 12:30 to shoot people.

Morgan Elementary School reacted by placing the school in lock-down, and notified the Rowan County Sheriff's Office of the potential threat.

Patrol Deputies and Detectives responded to Morgan Elementary School, and also responded to other area schools.

Several other schools, within several miles, became aware of the threat made to Morgan School, and also went into lock-down.

Just about all of the schools affected by this incident were involved in the last day of school activities, with student's parents and grandparents present at the schools.

Deputies and local Police agencies responded to these schools and quickly determined that there was no active threat ongoing, thereby allowing the school activities to resume.

Sheriff's investigators began investigating the source of the threatening phone call. Investigation determined that the threat call was placed from a pay-phone, located at a business on Jake Alexander Blvd and Mooresville Road, in Salisbury.

Security footage from this business revealed a small white SUV type vehicle at the phone where the call was placed to the school.

The suspect is a white male.

Anyone with information about the vehicle in the attached pictures & video are asked to contact Lt. Chad Moose (704-216-8687) or Det. Billy Basinger (704-216-8682) with the Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigative Division.