Sheriff: Salisbury man kills cousin with shotgun in apparent accident

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A 23-year-old man was shot to death by his cousin in a home on Woodleaf Road in what investigators say appears to have been an accidental shooting.

According to the report at the Rowan Sheriff's Office, Roy Jacob Bryant, 23, of Lenoir, and his sister were visiting relatives at the home over the weekend.

On Monday night just after 11,  Bryant was in the bedroom of his cousin, Timothy Scott Glover, 22, looking at a .410 shotgun owned by Glover.

Investigators say that Glover told them that he was preparing to put the gun away.  They say Glover put a shell in the chamber and then was closing the gun when Bryant playfully slapped at it. When the gun was shut it went off, striking Bryant at nearly point blank range in the stomach.

Family members called EMS, but Bryant died at the home.

Investigators say they will take all the information and present it to the District Attorney to determine if any charges will be filed, but said on Wednesday that the shooting appeared to be accidental.

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