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Firefighters continue to monitor as some parts still burn after lumberyard fire


The Georgia Dept. of Transportation says all travel lanes are clear on U.S. 341 after the fire at the Thompson Hardwood lumberyard and mill in Hazlehurst.

The scene on Tuesday is much different than the scene from Monday. Some smoke still lingers, but the raging flames are gone.

However, firefighters said they're still not out of the woods yet.

Crews brought water lines into the rubble to find the remaining flames inside what was the Thompson Hardwoods warehouse.

Hazlehurst Fire Chief Charles Wasdin said it's mostly contained now, but some parts continue to burn and may not cool down for a while. They've already turned loose many of the departments that came to help.

"By tomorrow, we'll have just a scaled down crew out here to put out hot spots," he said.

Wasdin said they worked with Thompson Hardwood to identify and protect vital parts of the plant and keep the fire from them.

"We're pleased with the cooperation we got from other departments," he said. "We gave them a task, they went out there and did that."

Wasdin said they could not have done it without all those who came to help, whether it was fire personnel from other communities or people from the Hazlehurst community who came to do whatever they could.

Plant officials told WTOC Tuesday they plan to restart their saw mill at 6am Wednesday and relocate other parts of the operation to other sites in Hazlehurst and continue production.

In addition, company officials will host a meeting for employees Wednesday at Hazlehurst First Baptist Church at 11am to get updates on the company's plans and have chaplains available to them to discuss the experience.

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