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Long serving Thomasville Police Chief set to retire


On June 26th Thomasville's chief of police will relinquish his duties and pass the torch to a new chief.

Chief Ellis Jackson announced his retirement last Tuesday and will complete his last day as chief on June 30th. "I am going to get on my tractor, and ride."

 After putting on this uniform day in and day out since 1976 chief Ellis Jackson is preparing to head in a new direction.

Chief Jackson says he's been thinking about retirement for two years and it's going to be tough but he's confident in the example that he's leaving behind.

 "There may be things that will pop up that I want to try my hand at but I feel that in my tenure at Thomasville Police Department, I've served my purpose," said Jackson.

 Chief Jackson joined the force as a jailer at the old location on Stevens and never looked back, he climbed the ranks and had the opportunity to watch technology as well as the approach to enforcing the law evolve over the years but his approach never changed.

 "I base my career on doing the right thing all the time," said Jackson.

 While making chief was the most memorable moment of his law enforcement career, the chief smiles as he fondly remembers a few of the other highlights of his career, such as catching a burglar red handed.

 "That had never happened, we were always two or three steps behind, but we were never there when the burglary was actually being committed," recalled Jackson.

Soon he will hang up his chief uniform and assistant police chief Troy Rich will move into the role of chief. Jackson says his career has only been as admirable as the people that entrusted him to do the job.

 "Without the blessing of God almighty, the people of Thomas County, and officials trusting me, that's what makes my career admirable."

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