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Kenan Gay testifies in 2nd degree murder trial

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A former UNC Chapel Hill football player and law student accused of second degree murder took the stand Monday in his own defense. Prosecutors say he pushed another man in front of a moving car during a fight outside a Dilworth bar in 2012.

Kenan Gay had to sit through two other people testifying and several lawyers motions before it was his turn to testify. And his defense lawyer Dave Rudolf explained how Gay was feeling Monday morning.

"He's nervous. But he's doing well," said Rudolf.

Gay did sound nervous. He was on the stand for less than 30 minutes. He talked about growing up in a small North Carolina town called Sanford.

He met his wife, Liz Wicker Gay when they were in middle school and in church youth group together. But they didn't start dating until college. And he got choked up and had tears in his eyes when the lawyer asked if he fell in love with her. She was crying in the audience.

The defense lawyer also asked Gay about his time playing football for UNC Chapel Hill. He explained he was a walk-on who never played a single game or traveled with the team.

An expert witness Monday morning was asked about reaction times. He said the average is one and half second. Prosecutors asked what about a division one athlete's reaction time. He said it would depend if it was a new situation. Prosecutors are referring to the night they say Gay killed Robert Kingston.

The expert also explained how at Ed's Tavern two years ago, from the moment Kenan Gay left the bar with the victim Robert Kingston and by the time Kingston was hit by a car everything took three to four seconds. The defense has argued this happened very quickly.

Tuesday jurors should hear Kenan Gay's explanation about the events that night. A question that came up by prosecutors Monday was whether Kenan Gay will testify to seeing his girlfriend being grabbed by Robert Kingston before going outside.

Defense lawyers presented one witness who says Kingston made a habit of touching women when he was drunk.

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