Teen with Autism defies odds, graduates high school

Most parents are overjoyed to talk about the day their oldest child graduated high school. But when you ask Robin Crisp what this Saturday was like for her?

"It was awesome," Robin said. "I never thought I'd see him do that. They told me he'd never be able to."

When Alec Barrett was just a toddler, doctors diagnosed him with a disorder that would later be called Autism. Back then, not much was known about Autism.

"Their conclusion was, no progression past the age of 6," Robin said about her son's intellectual development.

But Robin never embraced that prognosis. And it never became a reality.

"I'm going to tell you these teachers here in Kings Mountain, I just can't say thank you enough. We've never had any incidents of down talking to him, or telling him he can't," Robin said.

That last part there is key, Robin says. Even though doctors told her graduating high school would never happen for her son, she told Alec it would.

And it did.

"Just like everybody else did. I realized that he's grown up, he's come into his self a little bit."

It's a mother's dream come true, and it's pretty cool for Alec too. Though for different reasons.

"I guess I don't have to get up early," Alec said about the best part of being a high school graduate.

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