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Thomasville man recovering after shooting


A Thomasville man is in critical condition at Archbold Memorial Hospital after being shot on Saturday.

On Monday, investigators were at the scene of the shooting trying to get to the bottom of things. Police are scraping around for anything that they can find in hopes that they'll uncover a motive.

 "We're trying to figure out what happened and how he wound up getting shot by the suspect," said Lt. Eric Hampton.

Terrence Smith says he was leaving a party at the American Legion Hall around 2am on Saturday night when he saw his friend and barber Melvin Mitchell laying in the road wounded from a gunshot.

 "I just heard gun shots and then I saw my boy Melvin laying on the ground, he's a good dude, he cut everyone's hair around here, he cut my hair," said Smith.

 The man accused of shooting Mitchell, Lemoses Carr remains in custody now not only facing an aggravated assault charge for the shooting but also an additional charge for striking a sheriff deputies' vehicle. Smith says he doesn't believe the bullet was intended for his friend.

"Melvin was a cool dude, he was cool with everybody, it couldn't have been meant for him," said Smith.

 Investigators are looking closely at the evidence in the case, the silver Sedan that Carr was driving was also impounded. Smith says he's confident that his friend will pull through.

 "He goes to church and stays prayed up, that's how I know he's going to make it, you've got to believe in God when this type of thing happens," said Smith.

While the healing process could take some time, officers aren't wasting any time putting in work to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

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