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City Council considers rezoning for retirement community

Charlotte City Council members are expected to delay a vote Monday night on a rezoning request to build a 134-suite independent living facility along ten acres of Providence Road.

The facility would be built near Charlotte Latin School and Kuykendall Road by Hawthorn Retirement Group, which has senior living facilities across the United States and abroad.

Members of the zoning committee had concerns that the project was too large in scale for the area and were concerned about the visual impact along Providence Road.

Several neighbors also voiced their opposition and traffic concerns when they attended community meetings.

Hawthorn made some concessions in the design plan and tree preservation.

Those in the senior living industry say they understand the opposition, but demand for senior living facilities is growing.

"It's something that we need to support as a community," said Bill Sweezy, publisher of "All About Seniors" in North and South Carolina. Sweezy monitors trends in the ever growing senior adult population.

"It will make such a positive impact on the area," he said in addition to helping senior adults maintain their independence and have a more active lifestyle as they age.

Most facilities like Hawthorn's provide transportation, meals, and housekeeping services. They are private pay and a step below assisted living facilities where residents need some help with daily care.

Expect more projects like Hawthorn's in Charlotte's future. The Congressional Budget Office estimates by the year 2030, a quarter of US adults will be over the age of 65.

Sweezy hopes neighbors eventually embrace this plan, if City Council approves it. He says it could end up being convenient for their own families one day to have a retirement community close by.

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