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Character witnesses speak about Kenan Gay in murder trial


The defense team for the former UNC football player accused of second degree murder is trying to show Kenan Gay as a smart, soft-spoken and well-mannered man and not a heated, jealous, and easily-enraged man. 
Kenan Gay is the defendant in this case. And at some point he'll take the stand to defend himself. But the man who died two years ago in the street outside Ed's Tavern, Robert Kingston, also appears to be on trial.
Robert Kingston's family has been attending court for the man police say killed their son. And they have had to listen to witnesses testify to how Kingston dressed, acted and was drunk.  Thursday a toxicologist even spoke about his .29 blood alcohol content.
Defense lawyer Dave Rudolf explained Friday morning, why.
"We thought it was important for the jury to hear exactly what that level of intoxication can do to somebody's balance, ability and that sort of thing," said Rudolf.
And the defense wanted text messages from Kingston's phone the night he died to be included. The judge ruled Friday they would not be admitted.
"It was reflective of what was in Mr. Kingston's mind going into that night and I think that's important," said Rudolf.
The judge said the messages were inflammatory in nature and talking about pursuing sex. The judge said the victim's state of mind is irrelevant, Kenan Gay is on trial.
In front of the jury, the defense called several character witnesses. One was Gay's high school football coach who said Gay was polite and didn't show emotion. He said when he heard Gay was arrested he was disappointed that it happened. 
"There will be enough character witnesses to give the jury a picture of who Kenan Gay was and is," said Rudolf.
Another key witness who spoke to Gay's character was also in Ed's Tavern.  Clay Bradley, a Charlotte Law School friend, said Gay wasn't jealous when other men would hit on Liz Wicker Gay.  Bradley says he was not outside when Kingston was hit by a car. He drove Wicker Gay home afterwards. He says after Gay got out of jail eleven days later they never spoke about the incident.
Prosecutors asked Bradley when he thought about what happened if he thought about the victim's family. He answered, every time.
The defense will continue with their witnesses on Monday. The judge instructed the jury to not speak about the trial or to read any news accounts of the trial.

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