Student who wouldn't give up phone head butts, spits on officer

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Police say if the student at Henderson Independent HIgh School had simply handed over her cell phone Thursday morning like every other student does, none of this would have happened.  But that insistence to hang onto that phone resulted in a police officer being assaulted and a teen girl put behind bars.

It happened Thursday morning, according to the police report.

Casandra Pharr-Bacon, 18, refused to turn over her phone when she arrived at school.  The normal policy at Henderson is for students to turn in their phones in the morning and the get them back at the end of the school day.

School Resource Officer T. W. Moore confronted Pharr-Bacon after seeing her phone in her pocket.  The student denied having her phone and became verbally abusive towards the officer, calling him, among other things, a "f****** rent-a-cop," and a "dirty a** cop, dirty cracker, punk a** n****."

When Moore attempted to arrest the girl, the pair struggled and fell in a stairwell.  Pharr-Bacon refused to comply with Moore's commands until he pulled out his taser.

At that point the girl stopped resisting, but then as soon as Moore returned the taser to its holster, began fighting again, according to the report.

At one point Pharr-Bacon head butted Moore.  The officer again drew his taser and Pharr-Bacon stopped resisting.

As Moore was escorting the girl to the police car, she continued to verbally abuse him.  Once inside the car Pharr-Bacpon managed to unbuckle the seat belt.

Once they reached the magistrate's office, Moore reported that Pharr-Bacon continued the verbal abuse and refused to answer any questions of Moore or the deputies, and even spit across the room, hitting Moore.

At this point officers struggled to put a "spit mask" on Pharrr-Bacon.

Eventually Pharr-Bacon was charged with resisting police, disturbing school, and malicious conduct by a prisoner.  She was jailed under $3000 bond.