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Charlotte City Council member speaks out about Cannon FBI investigation


Charlotte City Council member Claire Fallon is speaking out concerning the FBI still continuing its investigation concerning former mayor Patrick Cannon's arrest of corruption charges. 

The United States Attorney Western District of North Carolina told reporters Tuesday she doesn't know if this scandal is Cannon deep or Cannon wide or if it involves other politicians. 

Fallon hopes not, but she thinks the FBI is after someone if they are still pursuing the case.

Fallon told WBTV, she is not the one the FBI is looking for. She adds she doesn't even accept a free cup of coffee from anyone. She hopes this is over but wants anyone doing wrong to be caught.

"If there is someone else that has done wrong," Fallon said. "I hope they find them.  Let the law take its course because we have a trust that we are given when we are elected and that is do what's right for the public."

Cannon has agreed to help with the investigation in order to get a lighter sentence.

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