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Student brings toy gun to school and frightens students

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A Whitewater Middle school parent is upset the school didn't notify her immediately about an incident at her daughter's school.
"We didn't get a call home," Parent Perdina Davis said. "A voicemail, nobody text us, nobody bothered to do so."

The student said she saw a text message from a student indicating danger.

"It said he had a gun," the student said. "And he said anybody who tells, he was going to shoot everybody at 2 o'clock."

Administrators were notified and removed the gun but didn't tell students.  It was discovered the gun was a Nerf toy gun, but students did not know. They also weren't aware the gun was removed.  Students were walking in fear to class.

"Oh my God," the student said. "What is going to happen next."

The parent found out about this when her daughter came home.  She thought she would have heard about this from the school.  But that didn't happen.

"We are terrified," the mother said. "We were blindsided. We didn't get any information and I think that was wrong."

The school district said this was all a rumor and at no time were students threatened. But the mother believes this could have been handled better if parents were not kept in the dark.

"I want them to start doing a better job in communicating with us." the mother said.

The mother says her daughter is too scared to go back to the school.  The daughter is having nightmares about the thought of the message students were going to get shot.

"She lost that smile that she usually has," the mother said. "And I am waiting for that to come back. She came back a changed person. She fear for her life. She is afraid to go back to school. She doesn't feel safe."

Despite the fact the gun was a toy, the student still thinks about her safety.

"It might get too far," the student said. "And somebody might come to school with a real gun."

The parent told WBTV because of this situation she has decided to take her child out of Whitewater Middle school.

Charlotte - Mecklenburg school district (CMS) has disciplined the student according to the student hand book.

The incident happened Tuesday and Whitewater Middle school principal sent a Connect-Ed message to parents on Wednesday stating: 

"Good afternoon, this is Principal Williams with an important message. This week, a knife, a toy gun and an empty air pellet gun were all found on campus. An air pellet gun is not a real gun. It was rumored that students were threatened. No students were threatened with a weapon. After a thorough investigation, this information was found to be only a rumor related to the toy gun. All items were confiscated without incident. As we near the end of the school year, we ask that you please remind your students about bringing inappropriate items to school. Thank you for your partnership with Whitewater Middle School."

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