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York Co. residents may see increase in property taxes

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Residents in York County may be paying more in property taxes if county leaders pass a 4.7% millage rate increase.

County leaders say the tax increase will give the county more financial stability in the future, but some residents say they won't be able to afford it.

York County resident Michael Wylie says the thought of paying more in taxes for his home is troubling.

"Myself, I can't afford a tax increase at this point," said Wylie.

In less than two weeks York County leaders will have to pass a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

The proposed budget includes a millage rate increase of 4.7 mills.

That means if you own a $100,000 dollar home, your tax bill will go up nearly $20 a year.

"I'm on a limited budget as it is right now with food, gas prices and children in school… a paycheck can only go so far," said Wylie.

County officials say the tax increase will not only cut $5 million dollars off the budget, but it sets up the county to have a healthier financial future.

"The projected situation for the budget in 2019 shows if we do not provide this tax increase, we will not only have $0 in the general fund, but we'll be about $9 million in the red," said York County Council Chairman Britt Blackwell.

The tax hike will also allow county leaders to add positions and services in public safety, which accounts for 65% of the budget.

16th circuit solicitor Kevin Brackett warned County leaders this is an area of concern due to a fast growing population.

"I'm telling you right now, if we do not do something to increase the revenue and raise the level of services, particularly in the public safety arena, it is going to have a critical impact on the quality of services being delivered in that area," said Brackett.

"It's not a good deal for anybody at this point," said Wylie.

As for residents like Wylie, he says the tax increase may be something he can't bear.

York County leaders will take a final vote on the proposed budget on June 16th.

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