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VIDEO: Cam Newton challenges Richard Sherman, world to Madden game

Cam Newton challenges Richard Sherman to a game of Madden (Source: Cam Newton challenges Richard Sherman to a game of Madden (Source:

Start warming up those thumbs gamers - Cam Newton wants to face YOU in a game of Madden.

The Carolina Panthers starting quarterback released a video challenging Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman to a game of Madden Football.

Newton and Sherman are the finalists for the coveted Madden 15 cover.

A video featuring Newton was posted on YouTube on Monday throwing out his challenge to Sherman.

"I'm the best gamer in the league and when you try me with sorry gamers like that, that's the result you get," Newton says in the video.


The line is an obvious shot at his Madden contender who called himself "the best corner in the game" after swatting down a pass to San Francisco receiver Michael Crabtree during last season's NFC Championship game.

"I'm opening up the challenge for you to play me in Madden," Newton said.

The video then shows "boog1eVILLE, USA" where Newton shows off his gaming set up for Madden on the Playstation 4 and Xbox 1.

"As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, I have no picks. I am ambidextrous with these thumbs," Newton says.

He continued with his call out to Sherman.

"Richard Sherman, I want to challenge you in a game of Madden. If you don't want to play me, that is cool and that's understandable because these thumbs are official."

Newton then opened up the invitation to "the whole Madden nation."

If you want to play Newton, you can send your gamertag and game console to his Twitter handle (@cameronnewton) or Instagram page (@cameron1newton).

Newton then tells Sherman to call 1-888-CAM-PAIN to play him in Madden.

If you want to vote for Cam for the cover of Madden 15 click here:  Voting ends on June 6.

Cam beat out Steelers' Antonio Brown, Chiefs' Jamaal Charles and Colts's Andrew Luck to make it to the finals of the cover vote.

It won't be an easy fight for Newton, Sherman hasn't gotten less than 65% of the votes in all of his match ups.

Newton's teammate Luke Kuechly was beat out in the second round of voting.

Cam is no stranger to the Madden Cover race. After his rookie season, Newton was edged out in the final vote 52% to 48% by Detroit Lions' Calvin Johnson for the Madden 13 cover.

Some of the Carolina Panthers more superstitious fans might not be too disappointed if Newton loses again - fearing what has been dubbed the "Madden Curse."

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