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With Cannon gone, who is keeping promise to the CIAA?

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Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon said three months ago he would help find the extra money for the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) scholarship fund. Right now the Charlotte community contributes $1 million to the fund. The agreed amount is $400 thousand more taking the total to $1.4 million.

This is what Cannon said on March 3, 2014 about raising money when tournament officials agreed to stay another six years in Charlotte.

"I as mayor will be doing what I need to be doing," Cannon said. "To work with other city council. I am sure the chairman of the Mecklenburg county commissioners will be working with his colleagues to do the same thing."

The tournament is less than eight months away. No contact has been signed and the all scholarship money has not been raised. WBTV took a look at what has been raised so far.

Mecklenburg County Manager Dena Diorio has proposed her budget. In it she recommends giving CIAA $50,000 more taking its amount to $250,000. The request for scholarship was for more.

"That was consistent with what we put in for the Belk Bowl," Diorio said. "It's $250,000 and the ACC championship - so the funding is consistent across the board. And in fact they asked us for an increase of $100,000 but we only put $50,000 in the budget.

The city was asked to give $100,000 more toward scholarships. The city manager recommends giving that amount taking the city's contribution to $300,000. New mayor Dan Clodfelter knows the importance of the CIAA.

"Major events like that are really critical to the life of the city." Clodfelter said.

The mayor also says he's unsure if the $400,000 extra can be raised.

"I don't know," Clodfelter said. "We're still discussing that and still looking at to see if we can."
Leaders from the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority told WBTV raising money should be no problem. They are not worried. They say they will work with the city, county, and business community to find the money. They also say the fundraising will begin once the contract is signed.

No word when that will happen.

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