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Toyota of N Charlotte explains why your car vibrates!

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Auto repairs in Charlotte are important to stay on top of. Most types of car maintenance are pretty self-explanatory. For instance, if a check engine light comes on then you know that you need to get the engine checked out, and if it's been a while since your car has gotten an oil change then you probably know it's time to take care of this car fluid maintenance in Charlotte!

Sometimes the kind of auto repairs your vehicle needs aren't entirely self-explanatory, though. For instance, if you feel your car shaking or hear any strange noises then you might need to bring your car in to our Toyota Service Center for some extensive repairs and to have it checked out. 


Keep your car from vibrating with Toyota service in Charlotte!

One of the most common signs that your car needs some auto repairs is if it starts vibrating. Unfortunately, there's no one particular reason that might cause your car to shake back and forth or vibrate while you drive. To find out what the culprit is and to locate the main cause, bring your ride in for our Toyota techs to check out! This way it can get the particular auto repairs in Charlotte that it needs. 


  • Tires: When is the last time you had the tires checked on your vehicle? Along with providing regular repairs, we also sell auto tires in Charlotte at our location! If your car seems to be shaking a lot each time you get behind the wheel, then this could be a sign the tire tread has worn down too much and you need to get new tires sooner rather than later. 
  • Wheels: If the steering wheel is shaking, normally this is an indication that the wheels are wobbly. This can be a dangerous situation since it can lead to unstable handling. Securing a wheel can be a pretty simple and seamless fix, but it's not one that you want to ignore or put off.
  • Brakes: If you notice that your car vibrates whenever you press the brake, the brake system itself might be at fault. Getting brake service when you first notice the warning signs is important because ignoring the issue can lead to greater and more expensive repairs down the line! Help out your car's performance and your budget by taking care of these kinds of auto repairs right away. 


Help out your car's performance with auto repairs!

If your car is vibrating, there's no reason to be concerned or stress about the health of your vehicle. However, you don't want to ignore the issue and let it get potentially worse! 

Bring your ride by our Toyota Service Center at 13429 Statesville Rd so our Toyota techs can check it out. Our Service Center keeps incredibly convenient hours so there's almost always a good time to visit, and we even offer Toyota Service Coupons! Ready to make an appointment? Contact us at (888) 378-1214 today!


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