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Students denied access to SAT scores finally getting answers

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17-year old Sera Martorelli is first in her class and has hopes of attending a United States Service Academy. However, the Matthews rising senior could be missing a big piece of fulfilling that dream.

Hundreds of student's took the SAT on May 3rd at Providence High School. It was Martonelli's third try at the test. She wanted her score to be perfect for her West Point application, which she hoped to have finished by August. 

"I only needed to get one score up a little bit to be in for sure," Sera said.  

However now, she may have to send in her application without her best score. Sera's test scores were supposed to be available online by May 25th, but the eager teen never saw any results posted on the College Board site. 

"Everyday till then I was looking. And on the night of May 25th I stayed up till midnight hoping I could get the score," Sera said. 

But Saturday, that all changed.

"We were like Oh god, what could have possibly happened?" Sera's mother Betsy said. 

When Sera logged in, she noticed something different. Where he score should be, the site read "makeup"

"I was angry. And it stressed me out even more because I didn't know if I had miss-bubbled or if I had done something wrong," Sera said.

Betsy tells WBTV no explanation was offered.

"No new date, no email, no nothing. If we hadn't checked the web site, we still wouldn't know," Betsy said. 

The organization who administered the test, Educational Testing Service, released the following statement to WBTV:

"Following the May 3 administration of the SAT at Providence High School, Educational Testing Service (ETS) was notified that students may not have been seated appropriately according to the test administration and security guidelines provided to Test Center Supervisors in advance of the exam. ETS and the College Board are highly committed to ensuring quality standards and fairness for all students. ETS is currently reviewing this matter and will communicate directly with students regarding their scores. We know these students have worked hard to prepare for the SAT and regret any inconvenience this may cause."

However, Sera doesn't buy it. 

"I don't get why a seating arrangement would matter," Sera said. 

There are two more test dates this summer, but Sera has previous commitments both weekends, including attending a leadership program at West Point. Therefore, if she's forced to retake the test, it will have to wait until October.  


Tuesday, students received an email from The College Board stating their scores were available and that no irregularities were found in administrating the test.

Educational Testing Services released the following statement to WBTV:

"Educational Testing Service (ETS) has released the SAT and SAT Subject Test scores of students who tested at Providence High School on May 3. After completing a review of possible seating irregularities, ETS found all scores to be in good standing. Students may now log into their College Board accounts to receive and review their scores. 

ETS and the College Board are highly committed to ensuring quality standards and fairness for all students. We appreciate the patience of the students and their families while we worked to ensure these standards have been met. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused."

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