Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in need of help

INDIAN TRAIL, NC (WBTV) - The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in Indian Trail got a visit from Mother Nature Thursday night. A powerful storm ripped through the place.

Fortunately the nearly 1,000 animals - that call the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue home -were not injured. A volunteer took the animals to a secure shelter.

"The rain was coming in sideways," Assistant Director Nancy Riggsbee said. "Things were blowing everywhere."

The storm damaged the organization's well water system. A limb fell on the faucets causing water to gush out. The pump had to be turned off.

The rescue depends on that system to fill pools with clean water for the animals. They are now using water from a hose until the well water system can be fixed.

"We go through thousands of gallons of water," Riggsbee said. "So that's not very pratical for very long."

The storm left debris in the area where injured birds recover. That area is now off limits until it can be cleared.

"Birds are just like people," Riggsbee said. "They get stressed when their environment gets disruptive."

Everyone who works at the Center are volunteers. The center now needs volunteers to help with clean up and try to replace what was damaged.

"It's more than a full time job," Riggsbee said. "As is with all the birds we have - so you add this on top of it and we are just overwhelmed."

If you would like to volunteer call Carolina Waterfowl Rescue at 704-668-9486.