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Cooler temperatures help NC, SC strawberry farmers


Nothings says "summer is right around the corner" more than freshly picked strawberries.

The folks at Bush-N-Vine in York say this year's crop is one of the better ones they've had in recent years, although the season got off to a slow start.

"We've had a wonderful crop this year. We were a little late getting started because March and April were cold and wet. Late getting started which means we'll probably be picking strawberries into the middle of June," said Bush-N-Vine owner Bob Hall.

Hall says strawberries grow the best in cool weather at night and mild temperatures during the day, so although recent weather may have caused a late start this season, it's perfect for getting the best out of his bread-winning crop.

He says customers can taste the difference.

"The berries are full of juice and sweet as sugar. You can cut them over a bowl of ice cream and it just bleeds all over the ice cream, it's wonderful," said Hall.

Hall hopes more customers take advantage of this year's crop and shop locally.

He says store bought strawberries don't compare to farm fresh ones because store strawberries are picked earlier to have a longer shelf life, but that's detrimental to the taste of the fruit.

"By doing that, they're giving up a lot of sugars and a lot of quality of the fruit by picking it so early. By buying locally, you get it the same day it was picked or they were picked a day before," said Hall.

When it comes to the red, seeded delight, Hall says freshness is the key to having an ordinary strawberry and one that may just make your summer.

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