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Drone spotted above Toomey warehouse fire


Friday morning, a drone-like device was spotted above the scene of the Tommey Avenue warehouse fire. 

The small device was unmanned, and was seen buzzing just feet above the structure. 

The device was referred to as an unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV. 

When WBTV asked the Charlotte Fire Department above the UAV, they said it did not belong to them and that they did not endorse the product. 

CFD added, the UAV belonged to a vendor who was demonstrating how an unmanned aerial vehicle could be utilized for investigation and damage assessment purposes.

We spoke to Matt Freeman, a local photographer who owns a similar device that has been used by local law enforcement, in the past. He tells us these UAV's can be very beneficial to investigators.

According to Freeman, these devices can sent up to view a location remotely, to ensure the area is safe for investigators.

However, Freeman says these devices often come along with a negative perception. That's because he believes they're often used as a toy and not a tool. 

"If the right person's not behind it, doesn't have the experience, then damage can come. And that damage can get a bad rap for the professionals that go to use it for a helpful situation," Freeman said.

We asked the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department if they use any similar technology. CMPD says they do not.  

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