Happening now: Firefighters standing by at 4-alarm fire

Good morning! It's Christine Nelson here on this Friday, May 30. You made it to the end of the week! I hope you'll rely on WBTV News This Morning to get you caught up on what is making headlines from overnight. A lot has happened while you've been sleeping. We're live from 4:30-9:00 a.m. On WBTV and our sister network, Bounce TV.

Now: Firefighters remain at the scene of what was a 4-alarm fire at a building on Toomey Avenue in Charlotte. You have to see the video to understand how intense the flames were. Our Astrid Martinez is at the scene. It's about this time firefighters told WBTV they will be re-entering the building to see if they can determine a cause. Astrid will have live reports on the investigation.

JUST IN: We heard chatter on the scanners this morning about a robbery taking place at a local 7-11 convenience store. Our Mark Davenport rushed to the scene and sure enough a crime did take place. He is live in Matthews with information on the suspects police are actively looking for right now.

Also, quite the weather event last night with severe weather pounding the Charlotte area. Meteorologist Al Conklin said this time yesterday it would happen! We're talking flooding, trees down and thousands left in the dark. We'll show you what people are still dealing with this morning.

Plus, there reportedly is a new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. The team selling for a cool two billion dollars! We'll tell you who the new owner is.

I have to go now. We're live on the air now!