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Twitter account takes aim at Charlotte-area students


WBTV has uncovered a case of mass-cyber bullying in Charlotte. A twitter page that shames local students with what some are calling "disgusting nicknames."

Most of the posts on the twitter page are bordering obscene and obviously embarrassing to the students who are named.

In fact, the majority of the tweets being sent out by the @704schools are so lewd, we can't even show them to you. 

The account already has more than 1,200 followers. The students named aren't just in the Charlotte Mecklenburg district.

It's any school in the 704 area code including several private schools like Charlotte Catholic High School. 

Whoever is manning the account, ask followers to send them a nickname of a student via direct message and they get tweeted out.

Some of the less obscene, but embarrassing nonetheless, nicknames include "I swear I had 16 shots" and  "wants every girl at AK", presumably referring to Ardrey Kell High School.

Another says refers to a female student who "gives people rashes." 

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools are aware of the account.

In fact, the district's official Twitter account sent out a tweet Wednesday night that reads, "you may want to take this page down, because people you talk junk about tend to tell on you."

Superintendent Heath Morrison told WBTV Thursday afternoon, they are working to figure out who's behind the malicious tweets. 

"When we identify it, we immediately go to if they're students," he said. "But in some cases, they may not be students and so then we have to go to local law officials. So you know technology again creates some amazing opportunities, it creates, certainly some additional challenges."

Morrison also told us they have asked Twitter to suspend the account. There's no word on a timeline for how long it will take before that happens.

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