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Ballantyne road project almost done - rep says more needed


Kevin Wood has based his landscaping business in Ballantyne for the past fourteen years.  But it hasn't always been easy getting around to client's homes, because traffic can get so bad there.

"Oh lord," he says with a whistle. "It gets big time bad."

Over all the years he's been working in Ballantyne, the area has really grown.

"About triple in size," Wood says.

But road improvements haven't exactly kept the same pace.

Ed Driggs is the city council member representing South Charlotte.

"People are worried that we're not keeping up in terms of the street development, traffic planning, and so on," Driggs says.

At the busy intersection of Ballantyne Commons and Elm Lane, at least, relief is on the way, and soon. A project that will increase visibility and traffic flow should be done by July.

"We're close to completion now," Driggs say.

That makes resident Bob Rossi happy.

"Oh yeah, it needs doing," Rossi says. "It's a very busy intersection."

His only complaint - the city cut down a lot of trees during construction.

"Oh, they did," he says. "That's sad. I hope they replant."

Says Rossi: "They will plant new trees and they'll grow back but it is a short term loss."

The long term gain - more mobility - and Driggs says he's pushing for other projects.

"A lot of work is being done about that," he says, "but I feel too that we need to have a longer range plan."

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