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Rock Hill residents concerned about new Wal-Mart center


Residents in Rock Hill are upset after city leaders approved a rezoning request that will allow a Wal-Mart and shopping center near their homes.

Resident say the project will cause traffic nightmares and bring other problems into their neighborhood.

"It does raise a concern for me, it does raise concern," said Rock Hill resident Michelle Silva.

Silva says she's upset that city leaders voted five-to-two Tuesday night to rezone a 14-acre site off of Ebinport and Celanese Roads that will be home to a Wal-Mart Neighborhood market, gas station and shopping center.

And she's not alone.

Resident Kristen Kull said, "People I've talked to say they don't want this, they don't need this."

Some residents fear the new Wal-Mart will bring down property values, cause traffic headaches in their neighborhoods, and affect their quality of life.

"We'll build a new development and initially they'll have businesses come in, but then they're going to close their doors and we'll have another location that a ghost town," Kull said.

Before construction can begin on the project, developers have one more hurdle to cross - They will need approval from SCDOT officials to partially close and realign a nearby street and add a traffic signal to Celanese Road.

Neighbors plan to take their concerns to DOT officials in hopes they'll reject the project.

Currently the site sits just inside York County limits, but city officials said Tuesday night's vote also annexed the project into city limits.

Officials say that's good news for residents because the city has stricter developing standards than the county, but some residents aren't buying that.

Residents say they'll keep their finger crossed until a final decision is made. Silva said, "Does it soften a blow or is it still a blow? One way or another we're still petitioning and saying this is not what we want here."

City officials stress this is only a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market and not a supercenter. The Neighborhood market only carries grocery store items.

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