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Two Charlotte grandmothers become friends through tragedy

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A three-year-old is still in intensive care at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte one week after police say his mother, and her boyfriend, sexually abused and brutally beat the little boy.

WBTV is not identifying the child, but we did speak to his grandmother, Felicia Brown. She is the mother of the baby's biological father. Brown says she couldn't get into specifics about her grandson's condition because of the criminal investigation.

"My heart is full of relief. I trust in the Lord. I believe in him," she said.

Brown says she can't forgive Shamika Reaves, 23, and her boyfriend, Corey McCree, 32, for what happened, but has turned to another woman to give her strength.

"I hate that another family is having to go through this," Leslie Davenport said.

For two years, Leslie Davenport has felt a similar pain. Her granddaughter, Kilah Davenport, died in March, almost two years after police say her stepfather, Joshua Houser, threw her against a wall.

Now, the two grandmothers are becoming closer friends each day.

"We talk everyday two and three times a day. She [Davenport] has shown me a lot of support since this has happened," Brown said.

Davenport says when she first heard about Brown's grandson, she started making phone calls.

"This isn't a sprint we're going through. This is a marathon. We're gonna stand by her and her family 100 percent through this marathon," Davenport said.

Davenport says McCree and Reaves will likely be charged under Kilah's Law, a new law in North Carolina, named for her late granddaughter. The law drastically increases prison time for child abusers.

"I know that these people will be prosecuted under Kilah's Law and they will receive 25 to life which overwhelms me with joy," she said.

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