Bill to legalize CBD Oils in NC filed May 27, 2014

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A bill asking to legalize a specific strain of medical marijuana called CBD oils has been filed in North Carolina.  As she said she would, Republican Representative Pat McElraft (13th District) sponsored the legislation.  It's called "Hope for Haley", after 6-year-old Haley Ward in Carteret County.

So far three others Representatives are co-sponsors, including Mecklenburg County Representative Becky Carney.

Haley was born with a genetic disorder.  Her mom, Sherena, says if CBD oils are legal in North Carolina and Haley can start on them, she believes life will improve greatly.

"She could possibly start eating by mouth again," Sherena told Anchor Molly Grantham Tuesday night.  "She could possibly start, you know, speaking.  I might even be able to take her to the grocery store.  Right now, if I walk into WalMart or Food Lion, she'll immediately have a seizure and I have to leave."

Though CBD oils are made from marijuana, the word "marijuana" is not used in the language of the bill.  Most of the THC (the stuff in marijuana that gets you high) has been removed so you can't get that stoned feeling.  Because of that, McElraft says the language in the bill didn't need to include the word "marijuana".  Instead she labels the medicine as "hemp oils".

Also, though McElraft's original plan was to restrict the bill to ONLY be for children 18 years and younger, there is no age limit.  After some more deliberations over the weekend, the bill filed Tuesday is for all people suffering from intractable seizure disorders, to provide compassionate use.

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