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Former Mayor at odds with city hall over traffic issues


The progress of a city's growth is bringing months of pain to one of its past decision makers.

Charlotte's street car project known as the Gold Line in the eyes of former Mayor Eddie Knox is tarnished.

"It's affected our practice substantially. We had to go out and put up individual signs," he said.

For many, East Trade Street is a dead end street, and that's means Knox and other business owners have had to get creative in sending customers to the right places.

The former mayor calls it a daily struggle.

He said, "People who come here can't find a way to get in."

David McDonald is the planning manager for Cats.

He expects the first phase of the street car project to be finished sometime next year, and phase two which heads west to be completed by 2019. That's once all the federal funding is in place.

"We're trying to minimize the impact, but there will be some impact," McDonald said.

City council members are getting an update regarding what streets will closed due to transit construction, and how that will impact daily commutes.

David Howard is a council member on the transportation committee, and says the traffic delays will extend beyond uptown.

"The same thing is coming for the blue line extension," he said. "It's gonna be a mess for awhile. You've got to have stop things for a awhile before you can make progress."

And that brings us back to the former Mayor.

He remains concerned about the work outside of his law practice, and what may come to one of the city's best known intersection - Trade and Tryon.

"It's the darndest thing I've ever seen in my life," he said.

In order to accommodate the installation of major and special pieces of track work for Phase 1 of the CityLYNX Gold Line, there will be substantial sequential road closures throughout the summer season, the city says.

Minor track work has already been installed between Caldwell Street and Kings Drive including the Davidson and McDowell intersections.

Next steps include laying special track pieces on Trade Street in the block between the Charlotte Transportation Center (CTC) and Brevard Street, in the Caldwell intersection, in the Kings Drive intersection, and on Hawthorne Lane from the intersection of Fifth Street through the intersection of Elizabeth.

Click here to see a map of detours and road closures in the construction zone.

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