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Veterans concerned national VA scandal will prevent vets from seeking help


For memorial day people in Salisbury paid tribute to those in the military who died serving our country. The Salisbury National Cemetery is right behind the VA hospital.

After the ceremony veterans spoke about the national VA hospital scandal involving delayed care for patients.

Ken Hubbard is a Vietnam veteran who earned the right to receive care at the VA Medical Center in Salisbury. He's aware of the scrutiny the entire VA system is under. 26 hospitals are being investigated, including one in Phoenix where as many as 40 vets may have died while waiting for care. 

"With the scandal stuff happening , the healthcare here is absolutely wonderful," said Hubbard. 

He has no complaints.  And he said his doctors and nurses encouraged him to attend the memorial day services at the Salisbury Cemetery behind the hospital. 

"Today is a time of remembrance," said Kaye Green, the director of the VA Medical Center in Salisbury. 

Green said they have a tremendous workload caring for 90,000 patients every year.

"I was originally going to comment on some of the negative publicity surrounding the VA in our country right now," said Green, "And I've changed my mind because I would take away what this day is about that is to remember those who have fallen."

Green wouldn't speak about the issues but some are concerned that the scandal will keep veterans away who need services here.

"Hopefully it won't scare off the brothers who need the help," said Hubbard.

World War II veteran Tom Harrell says there are veterans who never take advantage of the VA's healthcare services.

"Many don't know.  Even the VA doesn't know anything other than a big number and their funding depends on it," said Harrell.

As the government investigates the scandal, lawmakers say they are committed to getting veterans the care they need.

Over the weekend, the Obama Administration moved to allow more veterans to get medical care outside VA facilities at private hospitals and clinics.

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