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Congressman Jim Clyburn talks about growing up in Jim Crow south

Raised in the Jim Crow south, a proud son of the Carolinas is recalling how he beat the odds.

South Carolina congressman Jim Clyburn spells it all out his personal memoir.

He was first elected to congress in 1993, and has served 10 consecutive terms.

"It is called Blessed Experiences, Genuinely Southern Proudly Black,"

That is the title of his book Clyburn said.

Reflective words from South Carolina's first black congressman since reconstruction are finding a place on the book and lecture circuit.

And after more than 20 years on Capitol Hill, Congressman Jim Clyburn is offering his personal reflections about politics and the game of life.

He calls the theme positive. "It is all about not what's probable, but possible."

Demonstrating the possible were his parents Enos and Almeta Clyburn.  They offered a firm foundation in his native Sumter, South Carolina.

While Nancy Pelosi is the highest ranking democrat currently in the US. Congress, Clyburn is number three in parties pecking order.

The 367 page book chronicles that his rise to power came through a series of strides and yes stumbles.

"I learned as much from losing. Having lost three times running for public office, as I have learned after having won," he said.

His sixth congressional district is an assembled patch work of rural and urban communities stretching from Columbia to the South Carolina's Low Country with a high concentration of democrats and African American voters.

"Although many of my experiences were not pleasant, all of them were blessings," the congressman said.

Clyburn says he tried to keep the stories simple, and that's why his message is targeted for youthful readers.

"Look upon their lives experiences as opportunities to learn."

Learning he says has come through a sense of faith.

"If you believe all things are possible," he said.

Belief the congressman feels can overcome personal and political obstacles.

His memoir was published earlier this year by the University of South Carolina press.

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