DSS defends itself

Hello everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

A lengthy and rare statement tonight from Mecklenburg DSS regarding a 3-year old boy who was the victim of physical and sexual abuse. Social Services investigators are defending themselves against allegations they knew about the abuse but did nothing. Reporter David Spunt is digging into the response which says they investigated the boy in March but couldn't come to a conclusion.

Tonight we've learned the state of North Carolina is taking a step towards legalizing a strain of medical marijuana called CBD oils. Molly Grantham first broke the story of CBD used to treat epileptic children. A bill will be introduced Tuesday in Raleigh and it won't mention the word "marijuana". Molly will tell us why.

A park in west Charlotte suffers tens of thousands of dollars of damage after someone lit it on fire. Now neighborhood kids are out a place to play and CMPD is looking for an arsonist.

In my weekly Crime Stoppers report, I've learned of a new and promising lead in the murder of a concert goer at Verizon Amphitheater last summer. Homicide detective Mark Watson says there's a connection between the crime in Charlotte and Chicago and New York.

The weather in one word-- warm. We barely missed 90-degrees today but the humidity is creeping up and this weekend could feel sweaty.

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