Promising lead surfaces

New lead in concert murder

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A brand new promising lead has surfaced in an unsolved murder in Charlotte.

This case goes back ten months, to July 2013.

Lil' Wayne was rocking a concert at the Verizon Amphitheater. When the music stopped, what began as a verbal altercation led to a fight in the parking lot.

25-year old James Price was dead. He'd been stabbed to death while defending his girlfriend.

"He went off to a concert and was supposed to stop by before he went home," said his mother, "and the next thing I knew the police was telling me he got killed."

Elaine Price says James was a happy baby, who grew into a loving son and played organized football-- a sport he and his father loved watching together.

"They were very close, he would come over and wash the car for his dad, go with his dad riding and stuff."

The murder has taken a heavy toll on the family-- especially since so few witnesses have come forward.

"I think what bothers me most is so many people could be around and nobody not say anything or talk to the police."

"It's a concert so there was thousands of people around," said CMPD Homicide Detective Mark Watson

"We've had people come and talk to us, we've had witnesses come, but I think we're still missing some pieces to the puzzle."

Because it has been ten months since the crime, I asked the detective if there has been any new information.

"We've developed some information that makes us believe the people involved have direct connections to New York and to Chicago."

So what's the connection between Charlotte, Chicago and New York? The detective isn't able to disclose that.

He did say he thinks the people who fought and killed James Price may be in Chicago or New York at this time.

Police are hoping because it happened last July, people may have lost their fear of talking to police. Perhaps someone will come forward to tell their version of what happened and who may have done it.
If you're that person, there's a $5,000 reward through Crime Stoppers. Call (704) 334-1600. Crime doesn't pay but Crime Stoppers does.

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