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Irwin Parents express their frustration with CMS leaders


Parents at Irwin Academic Center are frustrated. They had a meeting Wednesday night with school leaders and Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district (CMS) administrators to discuss their concerns.
Parents are concerned the school is headed in the wrong direction. The say a recent survey highlights proves their concerns. A recent state survey shows 48% of teachers at Irwin will leave the school. It was also revealed in the meeting some teachers are not waiting until the end of the school year to leave.
"One parent actually said," NC Association of Educators Marcus Bass said. "Her child has had three different teachers in one year alone. That is a very big concern."
Parents are also concerned about the lack of professional training for teachers at the magnet school. The survey shows in a week on average 13% of teachers get no professional development, 65% get less than an hour and 22% get less than 3 hours.
Parents are pointing their frustrations to the principal of the school.
"Our teachers are made to feel by Principal Jo Shirley," Parent Colette Forrest said. "That they are belittled. Their ideas are not worthy and they don't have merit."
CMS officials say they are listening to the parents and will take action.
"We will sit," Central Learning Superintendent Kit Rea said. "And meet and identify tentative draft plan to how to address and move forward with positive growth for in these areas."
Parents want a plan for the school in two weeks.
"It takes everyone to get a school in a positive trend," Rea said. "And yes that principal is to lead but it's also up to me to work with all facets to help do that."
Politicians and school board members were at the meeting.  School Board member Joyce Waddell believes the school can recover without removing the principal.

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