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Survey shows parents unhappy with late bell schedule

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A Charlotte Mecklenburg School District (CMS) Task force met Thursday to discuss the results of a survey given to students, parents and teachers  about the late bell schedule.

During the recession school officials decided to add 45 minutes to each school day in order to save the district money. Officials claimed it would save the district about $3 million. Parents were not on board for the change then and today the statistics show that opinion hasn't changed.

Parents say their children aren't getting home until 5 and 6 in the evening due to the late dismissal by many CMS schools.

CMS says more than 11,000 parents participated in the survey.  The recurring theme is parents dislike the current bell schedule.  They claim there's not enough time for kids to do homework or extracurricular activities.

High school parents also would like their children's bell schedule to change. They think start time 7:15 AM is too early for high schoolers and wouldn't mind a later bell schedule.

The Task Force will make a recommendation to the superintendent to either change the schedule or keep it the same sometime in June.

Task Force member Sharon Thorsland ,who is also a parent, would like to see a change.  She says she would be disappointed if nothing happened since data proves her point.

"It is extremely frustrating," Thorsland said. "Because we have already lost lots of very qualified and good teachers, including one on our task force who has just resigned from CMS.

The late day and longer day have played a part into his resignation."

Thorsland claims the school district is losing qualified teachers and good families.

The results on the late bell schedule for CMS staff are expected to be released next week.

WBTV has learned that an overwhelming number of teachers are unsupportive of the late bell schedule as well.

To see the complete CMS bell schedule, click here.

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