Veteran raising money from Speedway perch

Camping out in the air

CONCORD, NC (WBTV) - Everything Scott Burns would do on the ground, he's done up on the second story of a riser right in the middle of the action at Charlotte Motor Speedway. We found him Thursday morning shaving using water from a bucket.

For 6 days now, the Marine veteran has lived in the tiny little space, spending most of his time on top soliciting donations from Charlotte Motor Speedway patrons. He plans to spend a total of 7 days atop the riser all for a good cause.

"As a disabled Marine I couldn't serve active duty anymore but I wanted to do something to give back," Scott said.

Scott is hoping to raise $75,000 for Statesville-based Purple Heart Homes. The group builds houses for injured veterans. The money raised during race week will help give 7 veterans a handicapped accessible home. "There's going to be funding and materials needed and we thought, what better way than to knock it all out in one fundraising event but I'll be honest I'm hoping that when I leave the tower we've got 125 thousand so we can help 7 more veterans,' Scott said.

Each dollar counts. More than 100-thousand people are expected to be at the speedway this weekend. If each one gave a dollar, Scott says, he would come down a man with a mission accomplished.

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