Bucket list brings UK man to Charlotte Motor Speedway

Race fan's wish list

For 6 days, Chris Neeson and his wife Ruth haven't stopped. There's no time for stopping... When you're on a mission to see every single thing NASCAR has to offer in North Carolina.

The two have been to race shops, they've been to the Allstar race. They even took a helicopter tour of the most magnificent speedway.

Liverpool England is where they came from. Why they came is a story he almost wasn't here to tell.

"The traffic cops came in to see Ruth, sort of to give their condolences," said Chris.

A motorcycle accident last year left Chris with a whole host of traumatic injuries. He wasn't supposed to live. The accident put him in a wheelchair, but it gave him a new resolve to do the things he always dreamed of.

"I had two things I wanted when I was in the hospital; I wanted a car, and I wanted to come to Charlotte," Chris said.

The life-long NASCAR fan has been living the dream for the last 6 days.

"We've got 11 days of seeing NASCAR everywhere everyday and it's just unbelievable."

It's the kind of life you live when yours was almost taken away. Where not even an off-limits door could stop you from getting the photo you wanted the most. Chris said an experience Monday at Hendrick Motorsports' shop is one he won't forget.

"I just want to see if Jeff Gordon's about she said, 'No no get back you can't be in here!' And I looked to the right and Jeff was there with his family,"

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