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Charlotte Catholic principal resigns amid financial investigation


The head of Charlotte Catholic High School has resigned amid an investigation into the school's finances.

School Superintendent Janice Ritter sent a letter to parents on Wednesday morning announcing that Principal Gerald Healy resigned his position. 

Healy sent the letter to Dr. Ritter and Monsignor Mauricio West on Tuesday.

"Mr. Healy had been a dedicated educator and employee of the diocese throughout his professional career," Dr. Ritter said in her letter. "He has had a positive impact on the lives of many students and their parents. It is my hope he will be remembered in this light."

Some parents say they are taken aback in how the news was shared to them.

"Little disappointed to say the least," Charlotte Catholic Parent Barry Fabyan said. "In the manner we received the news and the lack of transparency in the process. So there is still a lot of questions."

In the letter, Dr. Ritter says a financial firm, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, was hired to lead an investigation into the school's finances.

Charlotte Diocese would not say how much it paid for the third party to audit Charlotte Catholic.

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"The auditors did uncover instances of questionable disbursements from accounts belonging to CCHS; these transactions are separate and apart from Charlotte High School Foundation accounts," Dr. Ritter said.

Ritter says that the investigation also brought "other areas of concern" but didn't elaborated saying it was a "personnel issue."

The Diocese told WBTV those concerns don't warrant prosecution and Healy would not have to pay back any funds. The letter caused parents to have more questions than answers.

"I'd like to know to what degree there were audit issues," Fabyan said. "How much was really at stake. What funds are we talking about."

The Diocese says it will probably not share that information with parents. Officials also say they believe the letter they sent to parents is proof of their transparency.

Ritter says the school is taking steps to fill the principal position as quickly as possible, but warned parents against listening to rumors and speculation that is circulating.

The Diocese believes finding a replacement soon will help with the healing process.

In Healy's resignation letter he writes "For my successor, I know that you will serve all the students, look out for the children who need you most, lead with compassion for everyone, and make this not a job, but a life."

Students are also shocked their principal will not be returning.

"My whole family loved him," Charlotte Catholic HS Student Kelsey Brown said. "And I thought he was a really good influence."

"It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to serve our students and their families for the last forty-four years," Healy said in his resignation letter. "I am grateful for all the families I have come to know, the teachers, administrators, and clergy I have worked with, and the relationships I have developed. I am a better person because of each of you."

WEB EXTRA: Principal Healy resignation letter

"I regret any turmoil and upset that has caused distraction from the mission and values of our school and our students," he said in a part of the letter.

Other parents say they have no problem with Healy leaving. They say they are happy to see new leadership in place.

Officials hope to name a replacement by the beginning of next school year.

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