Police Dept earns 8th straight accreditation

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - The Salisbury Police Department earned its eighth consecutive "Meritorious Law Enforcement Accreditation" award recently from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), according to a press release from Salisbury Police Chief Rory Collins.

Earning this prestigious status requires an extensive review of departmental policies, procedures, and operations.  This review was conducted in Salisbury over several days in November, 2013 by a team of out-of-state assessors who, upon completion of their departmental evaluation, reported their findings to the full CALEA commission.

The findings revealed by the Assessment Team were that the department was, not only in compliance with the standards and policies applicable in order to maintain its accredited status, it was also found to be performing at a very high level in the areas of professionalism and community service.

Participation in the CALEA accreditation program is voluntary for law enforcement agencies.  In order to successfully participate in the program, however, an agency must provide documented proof of regular compliance with hundreds of time-proven standards which help to guide a law enforcement agency to operate with non-negotiable professionalism.

Twenty four (24) years ago, the Salisbury Police Department elected to engage in the accreditation program for these very reasons, and we continue to this day to operate with those same high level standards, which remain at the forefront and ensure that we are providing high-quality law enforcement services to our citizens.

Chief Collins had high praise for his staff.

"As the Police Chief for the City of Salisbury, I am extremely proud of the dedicated men and women who proudly and professionally serve our community and who have worked so hard in order to enable our agency to maintain the prized 'Meritorious Accreditation' status," Collins wrote.

"I am also thrilled to be able to share the news of our re-accreditation with the community.  It is, in fact, for the benefit and protection of our citizens, and for the continuous improvement of their quality of life, that our department and staff commit themselves, every single day, to providing top-notch law enforcement services with professionalism and integrity.  It is my hope that our citizens will take pride in knowing that their Police Department is an accredited law enforcement agency who takes the service we provide to our citizens very seriously," Collins added.

The accomplishment of earning this re-accreditation status is result of hard work and dedication by many departmental staff throughout the three year period.  However, the department has one civilian staff member, Ms. Diana Gonzalez, who serves as the department's Police Planner. The tedious function as "Accreditation Manager" is one of several duties that the Police Planner oversees.