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Belmont man's home peppered with coal ash


From the road, Archie Dixon's home in Belmont looks unscathed, but upon closer examination a number of visible scars come into view.

He showed WBTV a garage door that is caked with soot.

"This is where I washed it with a damp cloth, and that's what the rest of it looks like," Dixon said.

A big white spot in the center of the door shows where he tried to clean the stains. However, Duke Energy officials downplay any risk. 

Lisa Hoffmann is a Duke Energy spokesperson. "I can tell you that we have not seen any impacts in these neighboring communities, any health impacts, and we certainly always take those seriously," she said.

Archie Dixon who lives near the Allen Steam Plant disagrees.

"I've already been to the doctors three times with bladder cancer," he said. "And I had one son that lived in this little house beyond these buildings and he died from cancer."

That's why he likes the idea of a cancer study being supported by state Representative Kelly Alexander Jr.

"It's not just cancer, Alexander said," It's asthma it's all kinds of things that can show up in clusters."

For Archie Dixon who's 86, it's also about his families health and the place he calls home.

"It's a shame for a house like that to look like this. I guess if I have to I'll do it myself. I don't want to. They're the ones who done it," Dixon said.

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