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Indian Land commuters frustrated with traffic congestion


A recent surge of traffic gridlock in Indian Land is causing nightmares for commuters and residents coming to and from Charlotte.

Nearly two weeks ago a major shortcut for drivers in Indian Land was shut down for repairs and that's forcing drivers to use alternate routes that become clogged with traffic.

"I feel like I'm in New York, trying to get in the city," said driver Brian Landis.

Landis says traffic along Highway 521, Highway 160 and it's side streets such as Marvin Road is so bad that he has to wake up nearly two hours earlier to get to his destination during his morning commute.

And he's not alone…

"I have to wake up boys earlier and that's the trouble when you have others you depend on, it's frustrating," said driver Claudia Pureco.

Adding to that frustration, repairs have closed the nearby McAlpine Creek Bridge on Harrisburg Road.

Commuters used that bridge as a shortcut to get into Charlotte, but now have to use Highway 521 or other routes to enter the city.

"It's a big hassle for me because I'm on night shift and when I get off in the mornings, it's just too much for me. I'm ready to get home and get in the bed," said driver Roberta Zinamon.

But there is relief in sight.

WBTV spoke with David Hooper, he's the Coordinator of the Rock Hill/Fort Mill Area Transportation Study, also known as RFATS.

His group, along with State and Federal Transportation leaders, is working on projects to have Highway 160 to Highway 521 widened from two to three lanes, and eventually five lanes.

Also, he says a study will take place later this year to see how improvements can be made at Highway 521 and Marvin Road, another trouble spot.

Hooper says his team wants to stay ahead of the area's growth curve, so looking for long term solutions is vital.

"The need for proactive planning, the need to get ahead of things and stay ahead of things is here to stay, it's not going away," said Hooper.

As for some drivers, they just want some help from the everyday traffic jams soon.

"It's very frustrating to get up every morning and know you're going to have to spend an hour and a half in your car getting to where you need to go," said Landis.

State DOT officials say construction on Highway 160 is expected to begin in late summer of 2015.

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