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Charlotte Hornets name officially returns to Charlotte


In April, the Bobcats era was swept away in a Heat storm, paving the way for a new Hornets legacy to begin. Tuesday, the ‘buzz' was official brought back to Charlotte.

Starting next season, the Charlotte Hornets logo and name will be used, after a 12-year stint in New Orleans and Oklahoma City. The franchise started in Charlotte in 1988 before moving to New Orleans in 2002.

Following Hurricane Katrina, the Hornets briefly played in Oklahoma City, from 2005-2008, before returning to New Orleans for the 2008-09 season.

New Orleans last year changed its name to the Pelicans under new owner Tom Benson, freeing up Charlotte to reclaim the Hornets name and logo.

During a press conference at 12:30 pm on Tuesday, the team officials made the switch official.

"Today we complete a task that has never been accomplished before. Bringing a name back to its original market," said Hornets COO Fred Whitfield. "From this moment forward, we are officially the Charlotte Hornets."

The team gave credit to the fans and community for helping to bring back the name to Charlotte.

"Our fans are the driving force behind the name turning. All the data and research indicated that they wanted the name back, badly," the team said. "It's a name that provokes a tremendous amount of pride. The Hornets name has been a part of our community for over 200 years."

The Hornets beloved mascot, Hugo the Hornet, will be making his return to Charlotte on June 5, according to team.

In a major announcement, the team said the history of the Charlotte Hornets will return to Charlotte. Not only the Bobcats era 2004-14, but also the original Hornets 1988-2002.

"This provides a tremendous alumni base, and we cannot wait to incorporate them into the Charlotte Hornets family," Whitfield said. "Now that we have the historical history, we want to immediately reach out to former players and get them involved."

Speaking of former players, the team said they had "every intention of returning Bobby Phills' jersey to its rightful home here in Charlotte."

The team's new uniforms will be revealed on June 19 and the team's basketball court design on June 26.

"People will see a lot of similarities to the old jerseys, but everything will be evolved and I think people will be really excited," Hornets' Executive Vice President Pete Guelli said.

"Charlotte NBA basketball will revert back to us. All the teams that have ever played in Charlotte, we will have their history," Whitfield said.

The announcement comes nearly one year after team owner Michael Jordan first said he planned to change the name and "bring back the buzz" to Charlotte.

Jordan's request for a name change was approved by NBA owners last July.

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