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"Hidden pocket" in Chevy results in drug charges for two

Crawford Crawford
Mathis Mathis

Salisbury Police Officers, including T.J. Ogg, discovered a hidden pocket in the door panel of a white Chevy Caprice, but it's what was in that pocket that led to charges.

According to the report, officer stopped the car Monday at the intersection of W. Monroe and Brennner Avenue.  The car was stopped because officers discovered there was no insurance and they were supposed to take the car's tag.

The driver was Sharod Mathis, 20, of Spencer.  Police noted the strong smell of marijuana, and they say Mathis admitted to smoking pot earlier in the day.

Police also noted what they thought was the unusual  behavior of the passenger, Deandre Crawford, 20, of Spencer.  Officers noted that he was "rigid and nervous" and didn't look at officers.

When Crawford was searched police found 13 hydrocodone pills.  Crawford was charged with trafficking heroin and jailed under $25,000 bond.

Officers continued to search the car and they say the smell of pot led them to the driver's seat. After looking for a few minutes, they found a hidden pocket behind the door panel.  The pocket contained marijuana residue and digital scales, according to the report.

Mathis was then charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and jailed under a $1000 bond.


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