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Shelby landowners consider suing NCDOT

Shelby, NC -

Angry homeowners say the state is forcing them to pay taxes on property they aren't free to use. Their property sits in the path of the future US-74 Bypass. However,  these residents are considering suing the state of North Carolina. 

Eddie Pendleton has been living on his land for decades. 

"I moved there when I was 13 years old. I should be able to do whatever I want to the property," Pendleton said. 

That story was not uncommon in the room, Monday night, as Dozens of Shelby landowners met to weigh their legal options.

"I want to find out what we need to do," Pendleton said. 

Matthew Bryant and Anne Fisher are the attorney's taking on the state on behalf of the homeowners.  

"I think these people have been frustrated for so long, when someone finally comes along and tells them what they can do, they're an eager audience," Bryant said. 

Bryant and Fisher have already filed one lawsuit out of Shelby, and now many more are considering doing the same. 

"They're up against the state of North Carolina, who has all the time in the world and these people don't," Bryant said. 

165 homes are in the path of the future US-74 Shelby bypass.

"The legislators don't put the money aside and they ask these people in this room to bear the burden, for everybody else in the state," Bryant said. 

After this meeting, Pendleton, like many of his neighbors says he believes this lawsuit may be his only option. 

"I am not getting nowhere. I'm considering very strongly of getting in it," Pendleton said. 

The lawsuits would be over the state's definition of a "Protected Corridor". 

NCDOT would not comment on any pending lawsuits. 

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