Where are the graves?

Church cemetery mix-up

Hello everyone and happy Monday. This is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

A local man has finally saved enough money to buy his mother, grandmother and grand father headstones for their graves. The problem is, the church cemetery they were buried in, doesn't have records of where their plots are. Reporter David Spunt is digging deeper to help this man out.

That stinky smell in South Gastonia today was an overturned sewage tanker. The wreck closed off highway 321 at Stagecoach for hours while haz-mat crews performed the clean up.

Tomorrow could be indictment day for former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon. A grand jury meets in Charlotte and prevailing wisdom is Cannon has been working on a plea deal with the FBI during the past two months. Cannon was charged with corruption in office while taking bribes.

And here's a story that just might mesmerize you-- an undercover camera test of children discovering an unloaded gun in their classroom. Will they remember the lessons they were taught by their parents and teachers about what not to do? It's an experiment that all parents should take notice of.

In sports, Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy was back at practice today after his arrest on a charge of assaulting his girlfriend. Hear why the Panthers may have to pay Hardy more than one million dollars just for showing up at voluntary workouts.

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