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Man blames local church for cemetery plot mix up

A Charlotte church is facing tough questions from a man who says the church has no idea who's buried, and where, in their cemetery. The man turned to WBTV in his search for answers.

A spokesman for Silver Mount Baptist Church  told WBTV the church goes back to the 1880s and the building has moved several times. Burial records have also moved, but Bo Jordan says he wants to know immediately where his family members are buried. 

Jordan says three of his relatives are buried in this cemetery right over the South Carolina line near Ballantyne, but exactly where remains a mystery.

"I remember coming out here laying my mother to rest and my grandfather to rest," Bo Jordan said.

Jordan says it's been a few years since he's been back to the cemetery.

"It's very emotional, because I was 12-years-old when I lost my mom. I'm 43 now," Jordan said.

He says while he knows where his mother is buried, the location of his grandparents is a mystery.

"It's hard to swallow that your family member is out here somewhere and you can't locate them," he said.

The cemetery belongs to Silver Mount Baptist Church, off Arrowood Road, but is located in South Carolina, where the church once stood.

Church leaders told WBTV, they just learned about Jordan's problem late last week, and say they are looking to help him find his grandparents.

Bo's Aunt, Pleasant Jordan, says she's been coming here since the 1970s.

"It should be kept up nicer than this. Last time there were fire ants up here," she said.

Bo Jordan says the reason his family never bought headstones in the first place is quite simple.

"My family wasn't financially stable then," he said.

Jordan said now he has enough money to buy his mother, grandfather, and grandmother proper headstones, but can't until the church tells him exactly where they are buried.

"Every plot should have a number. Where are these papers?  Where are these records? No one has that answer," he said.

The church spokesman said he will be going through records this week to help the Jordan family find their loved ones. He says someone will go to the cemetery later this week. 

WBTV reached out to the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations, the agency that oversees cemeteries. The state agency has no authority over private church cemeteries. Headstones are also not required.

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