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CMS and CPCC make pitch to county commissioners

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Charlotte - Mecklenburg School (CMS) district and Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) will make individual presentations on Monday to Mecklenburg County Commissioners.

This is budget season and both organizations depend on county government to help pay their bills.

CMS wants more than $400 million from the county, that's $46.2 million more than it received last year.  $27 million would go to pay for a 3% raise for all CMS workers.  At the meeting commissioners asked CMS superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison is a raise the state's responsibility?  This is how Morrison responded.

"For this to change it's going to require different parties to come together," Morrison said. "Local officials coming together, everybody coming together instead of causing blame." 

CMS also wants more money to pay for special programs and take care of growth. County Commissioners have told WBTV CMS' request is just too much and the county cannot afford to grant that request.  Commission Chair Trevor Fuller hinted

"We have put our money where our mouths are," Fuller said. "We simply cannot bear the burden alone, we simply can't."

Morrison laid out the reasons why the county should give the money and try to convince county leaders to approve their request. CMS used a teacher, bus driver, and three students to tell commissioners the district needs more money.

During the meeting, Fuller told the crowd despite what people may think the county does support education.

"Right now the county is funding education," Fuller said. " When you look at operation and capital debt service to the tune of a half billion dollars."

Commissioners also requested the conversation about the budget talk be toned down. Commissioners expressed their concern about people attacking them over the budget.  They hope this conversation will be a friendly one.

CPCC leaders are requesting $34.1 million from the county, that's nearly $3 million more than CPCC received last year from the county.

They also presented Monday.  The money would go to help maintain parking decks, roof replacements, security upgrades and other capital projects. 

CPCC officials laid out reasons why the county should grant their request.

After the meeting County Manager Dena Diorio says she was moved but will it be enough to grant CMS and CPCC their requests.  She will unveil her budget on May 29.

To see CPCC's budget request, click here.

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