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Prep your car’s A/C system for summer with Charlotte car maintenance

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Can you feel the summer heat, yet? If not, then get ready because it's on its way! One way drivers need to prep for the upcoming summer months and the rising temperatures that come with it is to make sure their vehicle can deliver the ice-cold relief they need!

Have you brought your car in for any routine car maintenance in Charlotte, yet? you might want to start thinking about making an appointment if not. Not only is it a good idea to get your ride checked out before you take it on any longer summer road trips, but you also want to make sure that it doesn't need any A/C repair or other types of Charlotte car maintenance!


Take care of important car maintenance in Charlotte – including A/C repair!

Do you know how many different parts are in your vehicle – especially when it comes to the A/C system? There are a lot of difference mechanisms that can get broken or malfunction, which can lead to extensive car maintenance in Charlotte being needed to get the A/C performing like it needs to!

Some of the parts that might need to be repaired in your car's system include the: 


  • Compressor, which helps pressurize the refrigerant that helps cool the air
  • Condenser, which liquefies and cools the refrigerant
  • Accumulator, which turns the refrigerant from liquid to gas so that it flow into the compressor
  • Thermal expansion valve, which helps monitor the A/C system's pressure AND temperature so the right amount of refrigerant is dispensed into the evaporator
  • Evaporator, helps remove the moisture from the cool air before it enters the car's cabin

It's important to make sure all these different parts are working properly so that you can get the cold air you want during the summer! Routine auto repairs from our Charlotte Toyota Service Center can help give you peace of mind when it comes to this!


Get the car maintenance in Charlotte your car's A/C system needs!

With all of these different parts to check out, it can be tough to narrow down on your own which mechanism needs to be replaced or is malfunctioning.  Our Toyota techs can figure it out quickly and have you on your way soon, though. 

After you get your car's A/C system some TLC, don't forget to keep up with important car maintenance and some preventative care so that you keep the A/C system running during the summer! This includes adding refrigerant to the right amount of fluid is in the system. If you ever need to buy car parts or replacement materials to keep up with A/C service, you can always visit our Parts store to purchase items. 

Think your car's A/C system needs some care before it's time for summer vacation? We can help! Stop by and see us at 13419 Statesville Rd off I-77 to drop off your car, and to speak with any one of our Toyota techs. 

Have a question? Just give our Service Department a call! We can be reached at (888) 378-1214, and we're more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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