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Deputy's son shoots self with service gun, Anson Co. sheriff says

The five-year-old son of an Anson County Sergeant is back in school two days after accidentally shooting himself in the head with his father's service weapon.

The bullet grazed the boy's ear. He wore a bandage to school Monday.

The shooting happened Saturday afternoon in Wadesboro at the Sergeant's home. He was in another room at the time.

Allen says he's spoken with Sgt. Josh Beam several times since the shooting and that Beam blames himself and feels very shaken by what happened.

The Wadesboro Police Department is investigating, while The Anson County Sheriff's Department conducts its own internal investigation.

The District Attorney is reviewing whether Beam will face any charges. As standard protocol, the Department of Social Services is also investigating.

The boy got his hands on Beam's glock double-action revolver. It does not have to be cocked before someone pulls the trigger. As a service weapon, where time can be of the essence, it does not have a child safety lock.

"If anything positive comes out of this I hope it is to remind all of us to make sure any guns we have around the house are stored in a secure place and out of reach from children," Sheriff Allen said.

"I'm sure every law enforcement officer who hears this story; the thought will go through their mind: ‘Do I secure my weapon properly?'  As we see from this event, it only takes a brief laps and a tragedy can occur."

"We were very fortunate that this was not more tragic," Allen continued. "An angel must have been guiding that bullet."

Allen said Beam is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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